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City Grid Real Estate has represented many office building owners in Washington DC, using our network of local and national tenants to find solutions for small and medium office spaces that are increasingly hard to fill due to the shared office and coworking trends in the office industry, even before the onset of work-from-home movement.  While coworking and remote working have reduced office demand, our brokerage has been able to successfully find the right tenants for many landlords by tracking office tenants through the cycle of their lease, through timed targeting, and through our use of social media and strategic marketing to reduce the average duration of office vacancy.  Let our direct marketing and media help you lease your office space.

Office Leasing

Our commercial real estate properties are listed below - contact us for additional off-market opportunities.

City Grid Real Estate, a full service commercial real estate brokerage and property marketing firm, optimizing commercial real estate transactions for landlords in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. We specialize in selling and leasing retail real estate, as well as other types of commercial properties.

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