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Bozzelli's Opens in Georgetown

Unlikely as it is to find an authentic, traditional Italian deli outside the 3 states bordering Ellis Island, where so many Italians entered the U.S., such a family-owned Italian sub and pizzeria has now landed at Washington Harbor in Georgetown. The family (okay, hailing from New Jersey) has opened its 6th location since its founding in the '70s, the largest to date, more than 2 years in the making. Bozzelli's opened this week in the family's first space to incorporate an updated, space-age design that glances playfully forward and backward (with oblique references to 2001: A Space Odyssey) while retaining the tradition of hand-made chicken parm and meatball subs as comforting as any you remember from that college trip to Manhattan living off Neopolitan inspired delis.

When fully opened (coming very soon), the waterfront store will feature a sit-down bar and Italian market, and showcase videos from Bozzelli's Wine TV, a light-hearted look at serious wine from family torchbearer Mike Bozzelli.

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