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Columbia Heights Temporary Housing Facility

A family housing shelter is now taking shape in Columbia Heights, replacing the former Rita Bright Family and Youth Center.  The $20m project will provide 50 family rental units - 35 for short term housing and 15 for seniors, and will recreate a recreation center that existed prior to construction, all on land currently owned by the District government.  Cunningham Quill, which has designed such notable buildings as the Yacht Club at the Wharf and Wooster & Mercer Lofts, designed the project, which is expected to wrap up in the fall of this year.

Columbia Heights Temporary Housing Shelter
DC Family Housing Shelter - 2500 14th Street, DC

Developer: District of Columbia

Architect:  Cunningham Quill

Construction: GCS Sigal

Use: Homeless Shelter

Expected Completion: Summer / fall 2020

Cunningham Quill Architects
DC Family Housing Shelter - 2500 14th Street, DC

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Columbia Heights, Washington DC

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