Thaddeus Stevens School

Development of the Thaddeus Stevens school is, after more than a decade of attempts, nearing completion.  The District government began the process with a solicitation in 2008 that saw Equity Residential selected as the developer, an award that was revoked over controversy with the developer and selection process.  A second solicitation occurred in 2011 eventually led to the selection of Akridge and the Argos Group as public-private partnership with the District government to renovate the school and build on the adjacent land.  Both projects are now nearing completion, with the Stevens School scheduled to open for the start of the next school year.

Thaddeus Stevens, a staunch abolitionist member of Congress from Gettysburg, is perhaps remembered more vividly from his depiction in "Lincoln" by Tommy Lee Jones.

The two-part development project saw the construction of 2100 L Street as an office building surrounding the Stevens school, and a full renovation of the school as an expansion for School Without Walls.

The school, "the first modern school in the District built for African-American students,” built in 1868 for children of freed slaves, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and even hosted First Child Amy Carter in the 1970's.  The surrounding block has recently undergone a massive transition with new projects and redevelopments, a new Ruth's Chris across the street and DC's second Proper 21 opening imminent.

Development of Thaddeus Stevens school by Akridge, Washington DC

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