Union Market's New Skyline

With 5 construction projects underway in Union Market's front yard, the scene is changing rapidly and dramatically, with the 2 story neighborhood suddenly developing a skyline. One of those projects is about reach its full height, adding another apartment building to the commercial development mix.  NYC-based Ranger Properties' project at 400 Florida Avenue is nearly topped out at 11 stories plus penthouse (120 feet), adding 110 apartments to the largely residential population rising around the warehouse district when it finishes mid to late next year.

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Designed by SK+I, construction on the multi-family building began in December of last year, and will soon include a sister building next door - a MOB Hotel is planned for the vacant portion on Florida Avenue, with 144 keys planned for next year. With construction by Paradigm and interior design by AJC Interiors, 400 Florida Avenue has little to obstruct its sight lines across the Mall just a 3 block walk from the Metro, a walk that will get shorter when a new pedestrian tunnel is carved out under the rails to connect the Metro entrance with the eastern side of Noma.  SK+I  also designed the Edison next door, as well as a batch of nearby neighbors, including Reed Street, the Apollo on H Street, and Bryant Street on Rhode Island Avenue.

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