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Commercial property sales require a strong marketing presence on a local, national and international level.  More than 90% small commercial buildings are sold to local real estate investors, requiring a well-developed network of Washington DC's investor groups.  Using ownership records, asset purchasing patterns, and constant networking, we track the DC area's investors and direct market intensively to follow asset purchases and ensure continuous exposure in the competitive real estate market.

National and international purchasers make up the majority of larger assets purchases, where national networks and database memberships become crucial commercial property marketing techniques, and where our internet marketing techniques ensure we have a solid presence in front of commercial purchasers. 

But the most crucial element of commercial real estate marketing is the agent that can make or break the sale. A top agent is available, responsive, and able to show your office or retail building the 100th time with the same energy as the first, and never give up.  A knowledge of the real estate market is essential, but the ability to persuade, educate and follow through are the most essential techniques in selling your property.

City Grid Real Estate, a full service commercial real estate brokerage and property marketing specialist, excelling in maximizing commercial property values in the District of Columbia and the Maryland and Virginia suburbs surrounding Washington DC.  Let us help you find the right buyer for your commercial property.

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