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Our tenant representation is almost certainly the most rewarding segment of our practice.  Helping a client go from concept to execution involves an immeasurable amount of steps that involve legal, technical, social, emotional and financial challenges.  Our commitment is to be there at each step of the leasing process, guiding and assisting tenants by offering construction contacts, reviewing leases, researching demographics, scouting sites and offering commercial real estate industry insight throughout.  Once the day to open has arrived, we offer no-fee marketing services, social media and promotion simply as our commitment to helping our retail clients succeed.  As fellow small business operators, we get it.

So whether you're opening a restaurant, fitness center, market, theater, apparel store - or any type of retail operation, call us for a free consultation about how we can help you successfully identify a retail location that's right for your business.

As you can see from our more recent tenant client list, we have represented many of the Washington DC area's most successful restaurants and retailers - from the smallest start-up to large national chains - helping them start and grow their retail brand in DC's competitive retail scene.  With a legal background in corporate law, and commitment to our clients, we can ensure we negotiate the best possible terms on every deal.

Representing retail tenants in finding the right commercial space in the District of Columbia and the Maryland and Virginia suburbs surrounding Washington DC.  Let us help you find the right commercial space for your business.

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