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Our commercial real estate properties are listed below - contact us for additional off-market opportunities.

City Grid Real Estate is a full service commercial real estate brokerage and property marketing specialist, excelling in marketing commercial property in the District of Columbia and the Maryland and Virginia suburbs surrounding Washington DC. Our list of commercial property sold is extensive, from warehouse to apartment buildings, and retail buildings to development sites, at City Grid we have the contacts with builders, architects, retail operators, developers and investors throughout the Washington DC area to uniquely market your property for sale and bring more value to the transaction. While we have an extensive web network in the commercial real estate sector, our approach is first direct-to-investor, attracting the attention of many in our real estate network who prefer off-market properties, and many of our property sales are accomplished quickly with this approach. Following this we use our extensive database and social media reach to maximize the exposure of commercial buildings with our relentless marketing campaign. As commercial property advisors, we work with you on how to maximize property values prior to the sale and during negotiations.

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