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Trendsetting Men's Clothier Opens in DC

Christopher Schafer Clothier marked their DC debut on Saturday when it opened its newest studio in Adams Morgan. The upscale men's clothing provider has been a fixture of Baltimore for the last decade and recently expanded to Los Angeles, and while suit makers worldwide have suffered the ravages of a pandemic-induced switch to casual attire, Chistopher Schafer has made its modernized version of the traditional men's atelier a selling point in the bespoke suit market. Born initially in London where Schafer was soul- and job-searching, and where style led (and still leads) that of America ("fashion travels west," says Schafer), the elegance and quality of men's high fashion grew from a job to a passion, one that Schafer delights in introducing to his native (not high fashion) city.

Casey Rowe, a bona fide suit maker and protege of Schafer, brings the same intensity and love for fashion to the new Adams Morgan location, where custom suits are imagined and designed. The suits are then built by hand in New York - one of only two such custom suit makers in the country, says Rowe - for a uniquely made-in-America production. The store is open by appointment only. 1794 Columbia Rd., Washington, D.C.

Christopher Schafer Clothier

1794 Columbia Rd., Washington DC

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